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June 2012 Summer Institute

5th Grade Cohort
Collecting Clues Sheet[1].doc
Colonial Quakers - Power Point.pptx
Evidence Analysis Sheet[1].doc
Evidence Analysis Worksheet Rubric.doc
Final Lesson Plan Colonial Quakers - Bogis.docx
Final Lesson Plan Colonial Quakers - Montes de Oca.doc
History Mystery Concluding Document.doc
History Mystery Lesson Plan 1.doc
History Mystery Lesson Plan 2.doc
History Mystery Lesson Plan 3.doc
Judgment Call Rubric.doc
KWL chart Industrial Reveolution[1].doc
SS 05, TAH, Civil War Unit Plan.doc
TAH Concluding Document.docx

6th Grade Cohort
Agricultural Revolution.ppt
Classical China.ppt
Early Civilizations in China.ppt
Foundations Unit Review.ppt
Indus Valley Civilization.ppt
Rise of the Roman Empire.ppt

DBQ 6th and 7th
document analaysis- rome.doc
document analaysis- valley forge.doc
Miami 6th June 2012.ppt
Miami 8th June 2012.ppt
Miami-Dade 6-20 & 21-12 (11th Grade).ppt
Miami-Dade 6-20 & 21-12 (7th Grade).ppt

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